• Olive It

    Hello everyone!!!   This is the second installment of the October series “Fall Hues.”   Olive is the neutral Fall color that everyone looks great in and faux suede is the texture of the season. I was excited to find the two hottest trends in one dress. I knew I would wear it as a midi skirt, turns out its the perfect length great and the extra material created ruching! I couldn’t resist wearing a… View Post

    Stormy Weather In Tulle

    Hi everyone!!! This is the first installment of the October series “Fall Hues.” This series will include some colors from the Pantone Fall Color Report. I have been holding on to this dress since my 2014 trip to Houston. I was conflicted about when it was the “right” time to wear it. One minute tulle is in the next minute its out. So I decided no matter when I wear it I will make it… View Post

    Date Night: Pink Tulip

    Hello everyone!!!!   I’ve missed you all, hopefully you all missed me! I took a trip to Mexico and as usual I over packed. This dress was an extra dress that I packed and now it’s a date night dress!   This outfit was very easy to complete. I decided to wear my favorite statement necklace and comfy lace up sandals. Wearing my leopard print sling was a no brainer. It’s still Summer time in… View Post

    Bee’s Closet Sale

    Hello everyone!!!! I am currently having a right now!!! Here’s the link, Bee’s Closet Sale . Feel free to ask me any questions about sizing or fabric content. 

    Print on Print featuring Kream

    Hey everyone! This is the third installment of the August series Maxi Love. I am excited to introduce another Tennessee company to you all, Kream! Kream is an online retailer based out of Clarksville, Tennessee. Kream is focused on bringing everyone the latest heels and sandals. Kream recently added trendy handbags. I am still in awe about how awesome my SWAK Designs convertible dresses are and decided to wear my printed dress in the “Athena”… View Post