• It’s Raining Savings with Groupon

    *This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.*

    Hey curvies!!!!

    A couple of weeks ago I went to the dentist and I remember seeing information on braces and Invisalign. I immediately thought that braces are cool, but look too painful. Not to mention the cost would quickly add up. Then I thought about Invisalign and though the costs is significantly lower it’s still pretty high. I thought to myself “you’ve had these teeth this long, you’ll be fine.” Then I had an AH HA Moment!

    Groupon! Groupon is the place to search before paying retail for anything. Groupon offers amazing deals on just about anything you can think of that’s available in your area. While browsing the Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons I found Invisalign!!! I never thought to search Groupon!!! One offer is actually more than half off!!! The deal includes the Orthodontic evaluation, at-home dental-impression kit ($95 value), 3D custom treatment plan ($300 value), and an additional $100 off an aligner treatment (if the customer qualifies as a candidate, the full treatment costs a flat rate of $1,400 after discount). The package is also reviewed by board-certified, state-licensed dentists or orthodontists. How cool is that?! While on the site I also saw a lot of teeth whitening kits at a fraction of the costs.

    Remember to check out Groupon for your next Health, Beauty & Wellness service. The savings will rain down on you! Happy shopping!


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