• Beachin’ With Bee

    Hey everyone!!!!

    This is the third installment of the May/June series “Color Me Bee.”  

    I am excited about my first swimsuit post! Yes, I am happy and feel a little liberated. Lol! I bought several swimsuits last year and did not wear them. It was not due to lacking self-confidence it was the fact that I did not go to a BEACH! Then,  I turned around and bought all new swimsuits this year. Finally, I am on a beach! I was so excited to put my swimsuit on and strut on the beach, yeah it did not happen like that…

    Walking in the sand was a hassle. I started to get sand everywhere even my upper thighs. I got over it and eventually the water washed all the sand away.

    Side Note:  This post will be update later when I take more swimsuit pictures.

    Outfit Details
    Swimsuit Cover: Forever 21+ (sold out)
    Swimsuit Top and Bottom: 
    Forever 21+ (sold out)


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    1. June 1, 2015 / 9:02 pm

      Can't wait to see more swim suits. I bought several last year and only wore one..due to lack of beach. LOL!!

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