• 5 Low Heel Sandals You Need

    Hey curvies!!!!!

    Over the years I have really become more comfortable wearing low heels. I used to feel like it was a necessity for me to wear high heels and I literally became fine with suffering through a date knowing my feet hurt. I was okay. But after tearing my gastrocnemius muscle (located in the calf) three years ago I found comfort in wearing low heels and really cute sandals. I was in a boot from the end of Winter until Mid-Spring. Since then I haven’t gave up on my love for low heels and they’ve actually became cuter since my injury. 

    Please note this list is pretty awesome because I have literally purchased all of the sandals. I will also give sizing infomation.

    These located here are super comfy and are wide feet friendly! I have paired these with maxi dresses and maxi skirts, especially the ones that are not floor length to create an area between the end of the dress/skirt and my ankle/leg. 

    These located here are the best gray colored sandals I own. These are a little iffy when it comes to wide feet friendly. Because the laces are not adjustable other than how high you want them on leg. I have one wide foot (old sports injury) and it is comfortable on that foot. I plan to wear these next week on my blog.

    These are similar pair that I purchased but have since sold out. These are located here. I like them because I have become obessessed with lace up sandals. They look great with my full skirts and maxi dress.

    These are located here. Who doesn’t need a great gold sandal? I literally wore mine until the gold tip came off, it was time for a new pair. These are just as great as my last pair. 

    These located here should be every girl’s Summer staple sandals. I think they will pair well with shorts and super cute skirts. Please note these are literally sitting in my online cart. 


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