Hey Curvies!!! This is the month that I give birth! I am so excited to meet my son and excited to manage my blog posts. The Sassy Momma series will feature all of the cute outfits I wanted to try while pregnant. This series is important because I have noticed a lot of plus size women not finding cute options while pregnant. Stay tuned! Second up is the oh so popular gingham dress. This dress… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to share our maternity pictures with you all! When thinking about our maternity pictures I knew I wanted them to be super cute and not in a studio. The studio is a cool place for photographs but this was more lifestyle. I am not going to lie I kinda freaked and was totally regretting an outdoor shoot. The morning of our shoot it poured down raining. I was so… View Post

* This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included shoes as compensation. All opinions are my own. Hey Curvies!!! I am so happy to bring you all a holiday collaboration featuring Kohl’s shoes. Around this time of the year I am super specific with my holiday wish lists. I send picture collages and direct links with all of the items I hope to receive. I am so… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! Check out our latest guest post… As it does every year, winter is back and the weather has turned more than a bit disagreeable. But that’s okay – you’ve got access to everything you need to keep yourself warm. If bulky coats and jackets are what you thought we had in mind, guess again – you can take advantage of stylish layering schemes to remain toasty without being all bundled up. It turns… View Post