• Falling for Denim: The Coordinate

    Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to bring you all another great series! Again I am so grateful to be back working on my blog and creating content. This is a true passion and creative outlet. Any who, who’s ready for a jean series! I know you all are ready for Fall content but this is not the post for Fall. (hits palm on forehead) First up is this Summery coordinate, my new denim set!… View Post

    Millennial Workwear: The Budget Friendly Green Dress

    Hey Curvies!!! Millennial workwear is an ongoing series that features workwear options for millennials that are entering corporate America. In the early stages of my career I was under the impression that black was the only color that fit my company’s dress code. I was so wrong. What is important is the fit. I am so excited to share this affordable green dress! I remember trying to have a balanced budget as well as a… View Post

    Jumping into White After Labor Day

    Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to bring you all a brand new “Fashion Friday” post. I have never been into “fashion rules” and do not plan on following them anytime soon. White after Labor Day has been a rule I have heard all of my life and for once I chose to deliberately save this white jumpsuit for after Labor Day. This white jumpsuit is light and surprisingly airy and I really appreciated that… View Post

    Neon Vibes: The Bodycon

    Hey Curvies!!! I am still excited to be rolling out the content for you all! Everyone knows that August is the unofficial mark of the end of Summer. With that in mind, I am brining you all a Neon series!!! My love for neon has grown over this Summer and I have been collecting pieces that I cannot wait to share this post with you. Last but certainly not least a neon bodycon!!! I have… View Post

    Celebrating 901 Day with St. Jude

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and September 1st is 901 Day, an unofficial holiday here in Memphis, TN, our area code is 901. How cool is that? If you watched my Instastories awhile back I shared how I was able to tour St. Jude. I could not share the entire tour but it was nothing short of amazing. St. Jude has always meant a lot to me and being a new mommy St. Jude… View Post