Hey Curvies!!!! Lately I have been getting a ton of DMs and emails regarding my shapewear preferences while pregnant. Honestly, I tried the “maternity” shapewear and it did not do anything. I will say that the role of my shapewear has changed while pregnant. I am no longer looking to be “snatched” my only goal is to look smooth under my clothes. Check out my top 3 shapewears below. I will give you all side… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new series from Southern Curve Collective. Chasi of Sweat in Mascara, Faith of Faithfully Yours, and myself created this blogger collaborative back in April of this year. We met through social media and have become “Sister’s in Fashion.” I am so excited to be bringing you as we take SCC to the next level! This week we are taking on school spirit!… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! Check out our latest guest post… Anyone concerned with fashion can dress to impress in most any mid- to large-sized city. There’s just something about an urban atmosphere – all types of people coming and going, fancy restaurants and bars, active nightlife, or whatever else – that makes it feel right to dress your best. Even long noteworthy cities though, some stand out as being particularly fun to dress up and try new… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! I hit 7 months and I honestly feel like I just found out I was pregnant. Everything has been smooth sailing other than early on when I was constantly nauseated. Let’s talk about the baby! Peanut is doing great,  according to my apps he is over 2 pounds and I believe it. His kicks are not cute little flutters anymore. He literally keeps me up at night until I rub and talk to… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! So excited to bring you all a Fashion Friday! Have you ever been online and saw a dress that would be perfect with a lot of IFs? Shorter? Longer? Shorter? Had sleeves or a different neckline? Luckily, Eshakti allows these changes on their clothing and its amazing! I am a midi length girl, that is my preference. Lately I have been finding the cutest dresses but they have been mini dresses. If these… View Post