• Millennial Workwear: Blue Plaid

    Hey Curvies!!! I back with a new “Millennial Workwear” post. This is an ongoing series that features workwear for millennials that are entering corporate America. In the early stages of my career I was under the impression that black was the only color that fit my company’s dress code. I was so wrong. What is important is the fit. I am riding a blue rollercoaster and do not want to get off! I am a… View Post

    Faux Fur In Blue

    Hey Curvies!!! I am ecstatic about bringing you all a new Fashion Friday post! For anyone that is new to my blog I have a monthly series that is usually centered around a theme that is posted on Wednesdays. On Fridays I stray from that theme with my ongoing “Fashion Friday” post which feature my post personal style. Ladies I have been itching to wear this blue faux fur! It is everything and maybe even… View Post

    Springing into Prints: Leopard

    Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to be back and what better way to celebrate my return than with a series. The “Springing into Print” series will feature printed trendy skirts that are perfect for Spring. All of these skirts are affordable so jump on it ladies! First up is my all time favorite print, leopard. Leopard has been my print go to for awhile and my love for it has not wavered. I remember… View Post

    Sassy Momma: Gingham and Leather

    Hey Curvies!!! This is the month that I give birth! I am so excited to meet my son and excited to manage my blog posts. The Sassy Momma series will feature all of the cute outfits I wanted to try while pregnant. This series is important because I have noticed a lot of plus size women not finding cute options while pregnant. Stay tuned! Second up is the oh so popular gingham dress. This dress… View Post

    A Pregnant Bee: Our Maternity Shoot

    Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to share our maternity pictures with you all! When thinking about our maternity pictures I knew I wanted them to be super cute and not in a studio. The studio is a cool place for photographs but this was more lifestyle. I am not going to lie I kinda freaked and was totally regretting an outdoor shoot. The morning of our shoot it poured down raining. I was so… View Post