• Walking into 30 with eShakti

    Hey Curvies!!! Today is my birthday!!! I had to take a brief intermission from my suits series to share this amazing dress on my birthday! I have been so excited to turn 30 because my 20’s were filled with becoming more educated, taking back my health, learning how to love someone, and becoming a new mom. I plan to change a lot of things headed into 30. I am walking into 30 with a couple… View Post

    Suited Up: Stripes

    Hey Curvies!!!! I wanted to start this post off by saying thank you for all of the DMs, emails, and prayers in regards to my mom. She is doing so much that it still shocks me. Before she was hospitalized back in May my next series was a suit series. So without further ado my new series is “Suited Up.” In this series I will showcase 4 suits that are needed at some point.  First… View Post

    Southern Curve Collective x Eloquii

    Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new post from Southern Curve Collective. Chasi of Sweat in Mascara (right), Faith of Faithfully Yours (left), and myself created this blogger collaborative back in April of last year. We met through social media and have become “Sister’s in Fashion.” I am so excited to be bringing you all content as we take SCC to the next level! Be sure to follow us on Instagram… View Post

    My Birth Story

    Hey Curvies!!!! Today I wanted to share my birth story with you all after celebrating my first Mother’s Day. My pregnancy, labor, and delivery taught me that I can not control every single thing. If you all remember prior to pregnancy I had not had a high blood pressure pill since 2 weeks after my weight loss surgery. Well after finding out about my history of high blood pressure my OBGYN thought it was best… View Post

    Memphis Fashion Week 2019: Events Recap

    Hey Curvies!!! Memphis Fashion Week celebrates “local and regional fashion through designers, photographers, models and boutiques. Proceeds from official events benefit The Memphis Fashion Design Network.” I am excited to bring you all a recap of the Memphis Fashion Week events of 2019. Memphis is filled with so many stylish men and women. What really wowed me was the amazing vendors. Memphians are so talented and do not mind be extra. I saw so many… View Post