Hey Curvies!!! We had our baby shower on October 20, 2018 and it was everything I wanted. I remember talking to Peanut’s (A2) God mommies early on about the theme and how I was totally against a “Winter Wonderland” theme as well as a late November shower. I am so happy they let me have my way with having an “early” shower. Now theme of the shower was up in the air. I really only… View Post

*This post was in collaboration with Macy’s City Chic collection, all opinions are my own. Hey Curvies!!! I am so happy to bring you all a little black dress that is Fall approved. If you are wondering what sets this LBD apart from others or how to keep those dresses in play for the Fall? You will have to keep reading to find out! Little Black Dresses are my go-to for any occasion. When it’s… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new series from featuring Faith of Faithfully Yours and myself of Southern Curve Collective. Again this blogger collaborative started back in April of this year. Faith and I met via social media and then in person at TCF Style Expo last Summer. We really did not get to interact and ended up meeting during a Tanger blogger event last Fall. We immediately clicked because this was first… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! I am so happy to introduce to you Big Fig, “The Mattress for a Bigger Figure.” Big Fig is solving the problem that most plus size and big and tall people have which is not having a mattress that can support you larger frame. It is important to know that the founders of Big Fig family have over over 90+ of matress manufactoring experience. Which means they know a thing or two about making… View Post

This post was sponsored by Royalty for Me. All opinions are my own. Hey Curvies!!! Fashion Friday has come early! I cannot lie, being pregnant I gave up on regular jeans. Most were not high enough to accommodate my growing belly bump, others had super high waists and somehow squeezed my belly. Well I am so happy to introduce Royalty For Me jeans to all. Royalty For Me jeans are amazingly comfortable and stylish without… View Post