• Combat Boots With Boyfriend Jeans Or A Dress

    Hello everyone!

    This is the second look for Kareem of Big Bella Donna and I’s collaboration for the ENTIRE month of February, “Colors of Love.”

    It’s so weird showing up to a date with the wrong outfit. Or wearing high heels on a date that requires you to walk through a park. By the end of the night you’re walking funny and got a bad attitude. Trust me, I know! But I have a simple solution. Wear low heels or really cute combat boots. If you are thinking I’m crazy, just know I’m not. Wearing low heels are not the end of the world and rest assure you’ll be walking cute all night.

    I decided to give you all two looks that are combat boots approved. I literally didn’t want to change much about the looks other than one has jeans and the other is a dress. I also wanted to show you all how to stretch your wardrobe, because buying an outfit all of the time gets really expensive.

    Style Notes: The jacket is true to size and I should have requested a 2x, but I am wearing a 3x. The dress has really great stretch and I am wearing a 2x. The necklace is super cute and super short I had to add a chain extender.

    Outfit Details
    Necklace: here
    Jacket: here
    Jeans: similar
    Shoes: similar


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